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Summer Seminars - Complete our Questionnaire!

If you have students in grades 8-12, I highly recommend looking into the opportunities available this summer through Lewis Select College Consulting and ColPrep Tutoring. There are over 15 seminars from which to choose, and we build them around your schedule. They run for one week over a few days * so you can choose the weeks that work for your student. We will run seminars with 3-5 students, and the cost is dependent upon the number of students who register. You can form your own group as  well. If you refer students who register for a seminar that runs, you will earn a $20 credit toward your own registration. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can provide and the money you can save.
    * Research seminars run for two weeks.
You can see the list of seminars by hovering over the "What I Provide" bar.  You will see a drop down to "Summer Enrichment Seminars 2021." Simply complete the questionnaire and we'll reach out to you. Completing the questionnaire shows your interest, but does not commit you to registering.


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Two Ways to Save!  My rewards to clients:

  1. Register for two or more programs over $135 simultaneously and save 10% on the lesser priced

      program. This is non-transferable to other families, but can be used for any student or student's

      sibling for up to one year. 

  2. Refer me to friends and families anywhere in the country. If someone registers from your

      referral  while we are working together, earn $20 as a credit with no limit on the number

      of referrals.