Virtual meetings available to local, state, and national students!

Two Ways to Save!  My rewards to clients:

  1. Register for two programs over $165 simultaneously and save 10% on the lesser priced program. 

      Programs may be used for any student in the family, and are good for one year after purchase.

  2. Refer me to friends and families anywhere in the country. If someone registers from your

      referral  while we are working together, earn $25 as a credit or refund with no limit on the number

     of referrals. If we have completed our work together, I will credit or refund you for up to 2 referrals.


I invite you to visit these pages to see how I might help your student and you on this most exciting journey.

I have proven expertise in showing a student many ways that he or she can stand apart from and create a competitive edge over other applicants. 

My testimonials will speak for themselves. 

Knowledge is indeed power in this process. The more you know, the easier your high school to college path will be, and the more you will be celebrating those college acceptances. 

Whatever your goals are, let's get started!