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NEW UNC System Update:  The UNC system colleges
WILL remain test optional through 2026. Check other schools for updates.
We work with students across the country to achieve their college admission goals! 
Click on "What We Provide" to peruse our many services. 


We invite you to visit these pages to see how we might help

your student and you on this most exciting journey.

Let's make it exciting and stress free!

Our proven methods allow students to stand apart from other college candidates as early as freshman year.

A competitive edge equals more acceptances!  

Please visit our Testimonials page for success stories.

Knowledge is power in this process. We take great pride in helping our students make the most of their path

from high school to college.   

Whatever your goals are, let's get started!

Visit our Contact page to schedule

your free 15 minute phone consultation.

For subject level support/enrichment
and pre-ACT/ACT/PSAT/SAT test preparation options,

I highly recommend ColPrep Tutoring, Inc.  Please contact Katie Hart, Director.       or

For assistance with College Athletic Recruitment,
I highly recommend Pat Grecco at College Bound Athletic Scholarship Service.


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