"I seriously could not have done this without you! You gave me confidence to improve my writing and helped with editing my supplemental essays. You also provided guidance in representing my

extracurricular activities and showed me how to say exactly what I wanted to say in a more concise way without losing my unique voice. When I submitted my applications, I knew I had presented my best self. With your help, I got into EVERY SCHOOL I applied to except for two Reach schools, and ended up committing to UNC Chapel Hill, which was my dream school! I am forever grateful for the opportunities and great advice you provided me. Thank you again! "    - Gabbi N., Panther Creek HS Senior, 2021-2022


"Thank you so much for your time and input that helped my daughter navigate the extremely competitive college admissions process.  She is so excited to be attending Duke in the fall of 2022.  Your help with college essays not only made her a stronger candidate but also a much better lifetime writer! I am so grateful & pleased about how everything turned out and I have you to thank for that."                
                                                                                          -Parent of ECHHS senior 2022

"I just wanted to let you know that I got accepted into Vanderbilt today! Thank you so much for your advice on what to do when deferred because I really think it helped me get in. This was my biggest reach out of all the schools I applied to and I couldn’t have gotten to this point without your help! Thanks again!"

                                                                  Owen B., CHS Senior, 2022

"I just wanted to let you know that I got into every school I applied to except for one, which I would not have chosen to attend. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help! You taught me how to write a passionate college essay that would stand out among many others. Your guidance throughout my whole college application process   gave me so much confidence in my applications and all that I have accomplished. I know that without your help, I would not have been accepted into the schools that accepted me! I am so grateful for    your help!!"

                                                          - Caroline J., ECHHS Senior, 2022

"I would like to express my gratitude for your help. I not only got admitted into UNC, but I was granted assured admission into Kenan Flagler! On top of that, I am a finalist for a full-tuition scholarship through the business school. Working with you was a tremendous blessing; your insight and experience contributed heavily to the quality of my application."

                                                   - Jacob H., Northwood HS senior, 2021-2022

"I have been accepted to Northeastern University and plan to attend there next year! I also received a scholarship from the school as well! I wanted to thank you so much for all your help in this process; I really appreciate the work you put in to help me achieve this goal!"   

                                                                              -Gillian E., CHHS 2022 graduate

"I cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help my daughter with her essays and her applications, and for keeping her organized and on track.  You are an incredible asset.  From our very first meeting years ago, you gave her the confidence needed to realize that she really has a lot to offer and you lessened the anxiety of what can be an intimidating process.  She feels really good about the essays you worked on together and I feel like you did so much to bring out the best in her through her words.  I’m very proud of her accomplishments and I know you helped make her shine and spotlight these accomplishments to prospective colleges/universities."        

                                           - Caroline J., parent of ECHHS senior, 2021-2022

"I'm thrilled with my ACT score! I can't believe that with your help on the English and reading sections, my scores in those two sections went up by  a total of 9 points! My composite is now a 34, and I am so happy! No more tests for me! Thanks so much for helping me!

                                                          - Alexia R., Forest HS junior, FL

"The improvement I’ve seen in my writing through working with you is impressive. I am a much stronger and more confident writer now, and I am so proud of my college essays. I feel well prepared for college writing courses. I can’t thank you enough!"

   - Amanda B., ECHHS Senior,              2022

"I just wanted to let you know that my daughter was accepted at all five colleges and awarded merit scholarships across the board.  Thank you for your help! Now, onto the decision making :)"

    - Stephanie M. parent of                        Northwood HS senior,


"I just got accepted into my dream school (UCLA) and I couldn’t have done it without you! Our meetings not only helped me with my college essays, but with my confidence as a writer as well. Thank you SO much!"

      -Calvin M, CHS 2022 Graduate

"You helped shift my thinking about what my college essay should look like, and guided me into preparing an essay that would stand out among hundreds of applications. I am forever grateful for your immense knowledge and your patience with me. You even scheduled an emergency session the night my application was due to ensure my essay was the best it could possibly be. I am certain that without your help, I would not be attending the accelerated Bachelor's of Nursing program at UNC that begins in spring 2022. Thank you again!!"

                    - Clare Greene

"I just got my ACT scores back, and I am jumping up and down! I met with you three times like you suggested, and both scores went up. My reading score increased by 4 points and my English score increased by 7 points.  I'm so excited. These strategies really work! Thank you!"

     -Marsha K., Hartford CS, 2021

"Both of my children have worked with Pat since the spring of their 8th grade years.  Pat has helped them with high school course selection and guidance on which college entrance exams to take and when.  She helped our oldest child refine his college list and helped him prepare to stand out amongst competition as he applies to college.  She has also helped us to make some important decisions for our sophomore for the remainder of her high school years.  Pat really listens to our kids and helps them hone in on their interests and desires for their future while keeping us parents in the loop on progress made.  She uses her extensive knowledge of the inner workings of our school   district to help us navigate through challenges.  And she is keenly  aware of and sensitive towards the unique challenges our students face due to COVID-19.  We are so grateful for her guidance."               -Nicole B. (parent of CHS students)

"When I met with you for my Plan meeting two years ago, I could never have imagined how much I'd learn from you. But most of all, you made me feel special and worthy of the colleges I wanted to apply to. You helped me expand my extracurricular activities, choose the ACT as my better test, connect me with a great tutor, and teach me college writing readiness. I still correct my friends' grammar!  The networking you suggested paid off, for sure. I was accepted to almost every one of my schools, and I can't wait to be among the Fighting Irish. It was a dream, and now it's a reality. I can't thank you enough."                          

                                          - S.S., Mecklenburg County HS senior, 2021 

"You were my secret weapon. Because of your organization, authenticity, complete honesty, full support, and great ideas,

I was able to take all of my accomplishments from high school and put them on display to stand out to my schools. I can't believe I was rejected from only one of my twelve schools. But, beyond our teamwork, I had an absolute blast. I found myself laughing constantly and relating to you on a level that went past the professional. Although it was "work," I found myself looking forward to our meetings because I knew that I could be my full self with you. When the pressure of presenting myself in a certain way diminished, a whole new relationship and experience revealed itself. I am beyond grateful for your help.

I know it is a cliché to say that I couldn't have done it without you, but sometimes clichés are what they are because they are true.  Thank you!"

                             - Zoe Brader-Araje, CFS Senior, 2020-2021

      "I'm very happy! Tonight I found out that I got accepted to Haverford, my first choice. They meet 100% of need and work with students on reducing or eliminating any debt. Now I have three schools that have offered me money, but as you know, Haverford is my first choice. I have some research to do, but I'm going to try to make it work!

      This is a good day. Thank you so much for all of your help and support

in these last four years. You were the first person I called."

                                                   Matthew L., private school student, 2020-21

"Thank you for all of your work with our son, and our daughter before that. We really appreciate the great support and advice. I've thought several times about the difference that you made in my son's testing process and outcome by suggesting earlier times to take the ACT. After he completed the February test required of all juniors, the opportunities to test disappeared. While he might have taken the test again if it had been available, he was far enough along in his improvement that it wasn't necessary. His score was just where he wanted it to be. And thanks for the help on the Park Scholarship essays. We're so excited that he is now an official nominee!"  

                                      - Janet Hankins, parent of a CHCCS senior, 2020-2021

"I am so excited! I have heard back from 5 schools and I was accepted to ALL OF THEM! The best news is that the NC State College of Art and Design said Yes. That's where I always wanted to go!  None of this would have been possible without your support and guidance (and ways to stand out) through the application process. Thank you so much for believing in me!"              

                             - Sophie Vaughn, CHCCS senior   2020-2021

" After I met you for my College Major Assessment, I realized that some of my schools didn't even have the programs I thought were at every school. I did the "Dream Job" comparison and I was so surprised. So I will keep doing the research and choosing some schools for the right reasons! Then we can do a College Match. I have already found a few schools based on the research I am doing, and I can't wait to share them with you. You're right... the best college is the best fit!"           

                                                             -M.T., Middle College, 2020-2021

"What a perfect birthday gift for Matthew to be done! He is so excited to send off the last of his applications. He has loved working with you these past years, right up to his applications and essays. He is so proud of his preparation, and confident about his choice of schools and applications. Thank you so much for helping him build great writing skills - and for everything else over the past four years: planning his high school years to increase his chances of college acceptances, meeting with us for a College Process Q/A Session, and preparing him for college interviews. I can't say thank you enough!"                                       - Kim Landon, mother of EW senior, 2020-2021

"I cannot even express how incredible this Plan session was!         I could tell that my daughter really enjoyed her time with you and that you connected with her on her level.  Now we know that she is on a great path. Thank you for giving her clear “action” items. It is so much better for her to hear this from you than from her parents. And she's speaking with us again :) because we're out   of this process. She quotes you! We look forward to working  with you in the next two years! Oh, and you''ll hear from my brother in Georgia soon, so you can work with his two!"    

                         - C.J., parent of a CHCCS rising junior,2020-2021

“I am looking closely at three of the schools you suggested for me on my college match. All of them look like they are great fits for me. Thank you so much!"        - A.F., CHCCS rising senior, 2020

UPDATE:  I applied to three of the schools you suggested, plus one of

the "Take a Peek" list. I actually ending up liking the "Take a Peek" school the most, and just found out I was accepted - with some scholarship money! I'm going to be a Duke Dog, and I can't wait!"

    "It is bittersweet to come off your newsletter email list. Your service is a great value - high quality at a reasonable price. Your high school to college Plans were perfect in helping my sons think about their high school years when they were freshmen. Your help with their planning (classes, extracurriculars, and even testing) eased their college admissions process tremendously, and certainly reduced their stress when the true work began in junior year. We are all so thankful for your help in guiding them with your supportive style. Your knowledge of the process streamlined many things and kept them ahead of the game.  

     Thank you for sharing your talents with each of my children and helping them each find their passions and voice; your service was truly a blessing to have available through this increasingly crazy process!"   

         - Christie Osborne, parent of CHHS students, 2020 and 2018

"Pat was a HUGE help to us!  She created incredible 2 Year Plans for each of our daughters and truly connected with them as individuals. She made valuable suggestions for activities that might interest them while filling potential ‘gaps’ in their future applications. She helped plan their courses during their junior and senior years and also discussed the differences between the SAT and ACT. In addition, Pat outlined the testing dates and helped determine when my daughters should take their tests for returned tests and retakes if necessary. Honestly, I felt like Pat gave us a complete template to navigate the college process! I’ve recommended her to several friends and everyone I know has been grateful."                                                  

      -Stacy Cox, Mom to a UNC Junior, FSU Freshman, and 8th grade                        twins who will meet with Pat sometime in the near future, 2020

"Using your strategies, I went up 120 points from my verbal PSAT score to my verbal SAT score, and I earned a perfect score on the writing/language section -

all in three meetings! Thank you."   

         - J.N., Wake County

            junior, 2020-2021

"I'm in! I'm going to UNC! Thank you for showing me how to stand out among my peers even with the 10K more applications. I can never thank you enough!"            

    - J.D., CHCCS student,


" I used all of the tricks and tips from my College Process Q/A session last year on my applications this year, and I'm into 5 of 8 schools so far, deferred from one, and waiting for two. Two college advisers told me they're impressed that I reached out to them! And thanks for your suggestions about acting on my deferral - I feel much more confident now about getting in!. I'll be in touch with my final choice once my other schools get in touch!"  


- Michael C., CHCCS student,


"I'm on my way to Brown! You gave me such good advice, but the best advice was about networking with the college itself. I 'm already connected and I've even started to work on designing my own major this summer. I think my adviser will be shocked when I present MY plan to HER! I knew exactly what classes to sign up for and

I joined the two national student organizations that you recommended. I'm so thankful that my aunt in NC introduced me to you! Thanks so much for everything!" 

             -Alan R., Portland PSD

               Brown freshman, 2021

"Thanks for the suggestions for continuing service during COVID. I did not know there were opportunities out there.

I am going to work on setting up a study group. I also loved the ideas you suggested about things I could do now to stand out to colleges. I've already started the networking. I feel so much better now that I have Zoomed with you... is that a word? It should be, right? I will be in touch next year for a Follow Up meeting for sure!    

    - J.S., OH junior, 2020-21

" Exciting news! I've been accepted ED to Duke! Thank you for all of your help throughout high school!"             --Shaan N., CHCCS senior, 


" Thank you for the College Major Assessment you completed for my daughter. She came downstairs and read us your summary of her and her talents, and she was beaming! She also said, 'Ms. Lewis really knows me. How did she do that?'" We don't know how you did it, but you

pegged her. She has been researching these majors and is so excited. We'll be back in touch soon for a Q/A session!"

      - Meg N., mother of a

        PA junior, 2020-21

"You were right! All colleges are different and all majors and programs are different. The school I thought I wanted to attend is not right for me academically. I'm looking at my schools for the

right reasons now! This was very valuable advice, so thanks!"   

         - M.W., 2020-2021

"I have been doing some research on the colleges you suggested on the College Match and I really like them. I'm applying to three of them. I would never have known about them if not for you!

Thank you!"                                                        -Claudia R;, CHCCS rising

              senior, 2019-2020

" When I met with you in my senior year, you immediately instilled a sense of confidence in me. You truly cared about me and my stories and helped me construct the best version of myself and communicate who

I am through my essays. 

I was so excited to earn acceptance to UNC. Fast forward 2 years - here I was again working with you on my Kenan-Flagler Business School application and essays.   I was just notified last week that I gained acceptance and was also selected as a finalist to their GLOBE program. Thank you for everything!"

                    J.Z., 2019, 2020

"I highly recommend Pat, both for big picture issues of classes, test choice and timelines, extra curricular insights,  but even more so for efficient focus on my child's strengths and interests. Pat has wonderful ideas for preparing for and connecting with schools of interest outside of expected campus visits and applications. Best of all, her terrific energy and enthusiasm keeps the college search process the fun and exciting opportunity it should be.

Thank you, Pat."             

     - J.M., parent of an ECHHS

          Junior, 2019-2020

"Thank you so much for helping me through the college application process. I am truly grateful. I was accepted into every school I applied to, which I know you expected but I still find it hard to believe.  I'm very excited about what lies ahead and I can't wait to start my new adventures in Florida on my full ride scholarship!                               

                                                                 - R.M., Middle College graduate, 2019

"As the owner of ColPrep Tutoring, Pat was a great resource to help us through the stressful and complex process of extra curricular activities, tests, and college applications.  Her advice was extremely helpful to me as a parent, and she was always available to answer my questions. She also connected us to great tutors. When she opened Lewis Select College Consulting, she did a spot-on College Match (I think she secretly has a crystal ball). She showed great knowledge of the schools and fit, suggesting 2 schools that were not on our list, which turned out to be among my daughter’s top choices. Happy to have connected with Pat - just wish we had started the process at least one year before junior year."                                                                   - C.O., parent of two CHS seniors , 2019-2020

"Pat has been so helpful holding our hands as parents while she focuses on ensuring our kids are ready for college! She has worked with us for both our children. I highly recommend working with Pat very early in high school to put a plan in place that makes the process as simple as it could be. Thank you, Pat!"         -Gina S., parent of CHCCS rising senior and sophomore, 2019

"Our children often listen to other people rather than us. Our son listened to Pat intently, and she motivated him to take on more leadership and community service roles while there was still sufficient time.  She even offered specific volunteer opportunities that matched his interests. My husband and I learned a lot from Pat, and today’s college application process was comfortingly demystified for us, but the real gem of our experience was getting our child to act."

                      – Rae Jean P., parent of a rising senior at CFS, 2019


"Thank you so much for your amazing college match! The University of Rochester was never on my radar until you suggested it to me as a great

fit and it turned out to be my perfect fit! YOU found my dream school!

After looking into it, I loved it so much that I applied Early Decision and was accepted not only into the university, but also into a special accelerated Master's program for education! I'm so excited to start in the fall and to spend the next 5 years there! I can't thank you enough for all of your help!"                              

                                          - Jillian B., U of Rochester Freshman 2018-19

"We are so very grateful for all of your help!  You helped me keep my sanity through this process with twins more than you will ever know."             - Lisa Kelly, parent of              two CHS seniors, 2019

"I'm so excited to be a Morehead Scholar! Honestly, it's a dream come true and I want to thank you for all of your help. Thanks to your interview strategies and my mock interview with you,

I went in feeling very prepared and relaxed.  

       Thank you SO MUCH!"

     - C.C., CHCCS senior 2019

"We were so lucky to have found Pat to help with our daughters' college searches. The 2 year PLAN was critical in helping our girls delineate what was important, where to put their efforts, and how to showcase

their talents. She has a wonderful ability to see the best in every child. I have recommended her to many!  Some of the best money we've ever spent!"                                   - Jane A., mother of UNC

         junior and rising senior at

         CHHS, 2018

"The college matches you suggested were great. We had not even considered several of these schools. Now it's time for my son to use the helpful links you provided to narrow down where we'll visit."                             

           - Elizabeth R., parent of a CHCCS rising senior, 2018-2019