High School To College PLANS


Too often I meet college juniors or seniors who say to me, "I wish I had known what I could have done a few years ago to increase my college chances." Your college resume begins in the summer before your freshman year of high school. The courses that you take do make a difference. Colleges look at extra-curricular activities from a different vantage point than you might see them. You can work on long term skills for your SAT or ACT long before you take the tests. I will meet you on any step of your high school to college journey, and together, we will create your individual map to less stress and more success in college acceptances.  

             College Major Assessments


Students who can identify a few majors of interest to them are at an advantage. First, knowing these areas of interest allows students to compare schools by majors and programs, which is one of the most important criteria in selecting a college. Some colleges offer certain majors, minors, and/or concentrations, and a student who has an idea of his or her major can choose schools wisely. These students find more freedom in choosing electives in college since they are not using those electives for discovery of possible majors. I love to help students find the majors that may "fit" them based on their strengths, interests, passions, and other desires in a future career. 

       Summer and Gap Year Programs
and Enrichment Activities


One of the most rewarding ways to spend part of summer is through a summer program that focuses on a student's interests, passions, or possible future careers. Not only are these excellent learning experiences, but they are also standout activities for college acceptances and wonderful material for college essays. I can assist students with finding programs that fit their individual goals and wishes for such an experience, one that they'll never forget. 

College Question
and Answer Sessions


Do you ever wonder how much of what you hear about the college process is true? Myths abound, and they can be disheartening. It's best to have the real answers. I'll provide you with commonly asked questions around such topics as college selection criteria and process, GPA's, class rank, test scores and timing, scholarships, applications, essays, and so much more. And I'll answer all of your questions as well. You'll leave the session educated and enlightened with the answers you need to move forward.

                 College List Review,
                  Match or Selection


With over 5,000 colleges and universities in the United States alone, choosing your "home away from home" for the next four years can seem daunting. However, with the right guidance, finding that new home can be an exciting, stress free process. Do you have a final list and want to make sure it's balanced with Reach, Target, and Safety Schools? Do you have some colleges on your list but want to be sure you have not missed one or two that "match" you? Or are you starting from the very beginning in a college search? No matter where you are in the process, I can answer your questions, add to your list, or create a complete list of schools for you. I am happy to be your guide through the process.

           Scholarship Searches


When it comes to paying for college today, every penny really DOES count. According to debt.org, almost 50 billion dollars is out there every year. And much of that money goes unclaimed because students focus on the first scholarships they find - and so do thousands of other students. Finding scholarships that match students is a time consuming process. Let me do the work for you. I match my students to optimal scholarships based on specific, individual information I gather from them, saving you and them myriad hours of research and frustration. I can also continue to work with students throughout their undergraduate years to find even more money once they are IN college - undergraduate and graduate school years!

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