When I was in seventh grade, my English teacher, Mrs. Burdulis, changed my life. It was during that year that I decided to become an English teacher, and I never looked back.

After earning B.A. degrees in English and in Speech/Theater and an M.A. in Education, I began my career teaching middle and high school in New Jersey. When I moved here with my family in 1994, I taught in a local private school for one year and then at Chapel Hill High School and Carrboro High School for a total of 5 years. In 2008 I followed my dream: I founded ColPrep Tutoring, Inc., a complete educational consulting service for students from upper middle school through college. ColPrep Tutoring, Inc. is entering its eleventh year with a new director, Katie Hart, and the same talented and fabulous team of specialists. 


I'm excited to continue my work with students on developing individual PLANS to help them become the best possible candidates for their colleges of choice. I'll also continue meeting with students and parents in College Q/A sessions to answer all of their questions about the high school to college process. In addition, I will be working with students on finding college majors that fit their strengths and interest, and helping students select colleges that are a good match for them. I am also able to conduct outside scholarship searches, locating scholarships geared to the particular student and ones that are not readily found on the most common scholarship sites. Scholarships are available through undergraduate and graduate work, too! If you're looking for a summer experience, internship, or gap year program, I can assist here as well. I also work with students on Executive Functioning Skills. My program is tailored to the individual student's needs, and involves establishing a team: student, parent(s), teacher(s), and counselor. 

Since I meet virtually with students, there is no traveling to do. I meet with students across the country. Feel free to share this link. I offer a refund or credit for any referred client who chooses to work with me, up to four referrals.

A little personal info: My two sons grew up in Tarheel Country and graduated from Chapel Hill High School. Ryan and his wife live here in Chapel Hill with my adorable granddaughter. Evan is in LA chasing his dreams as a songwriter, actor, and voiceover artist. When I'm not happily meeting with students and families, I love Zumba, reading, writing, any kind of games and puzzles, and dancing.

I look forward to working with you!

Patricia (Pat) Lewis

College Consultant

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