I am happy to offer weekly small group enrichment seminars this fall. Days and times will be determined by the group members. I am listing several of the opportunities below, and I welcome your suggestions as well if there is a particular topic you'd like to propose. Send your ideas through email, and I'll see what I can do to offer it or find someone who will.

Ideally, seminars will run with 3-5 students to ensure individual work for each student. 

I recommend contacting other parents and your student's friends to gauge interest and join in.  In other words, you can form your own seminar group! Cost will be determined by the number of students in the seminar and the number of hours we will meet. We will plan these details among group members.

A tentative list of available seminars/courses is below. Please feel free to email me for a list of descriptions and objectives for each opportunity.


As I schedule these seminars, I'll update the weeks they will run so you can contact me for more information.

Please also email with any questions. Thanks! Pat


Fall Supplemental or Enrichment Seminars/Courses

1. Organizing for Online Learning (week of August 17)

2. Grammar and Mechanics Through Writing 


3. Critical Reading Strategies-Fiction             


4. Critical Reading Strategies - Non-Fiction/Opinion

5. The Basics of Writing - from Think Tank to Outline to Draft


6. Crafting the Essay-Fiction                          7. Crafting the Essay - Non-Fiction/Opinion


8. Crafting the Essay - Persuasion                 9. Crafting the Essay - Narrative   


10. Running Lines (acting)                           11. Creative Writing - short story or poetry        


12. Writing the Research Paper - Comprehensive Steps


13. Readers' Roundtable 1 - Grades 8-10     


14. Readers' Roundtable 2 - Grades 10-12     


15. Networking for the College Competitive Edge (juniors and seniors only)

16. Organizing for College Applications and Essays (seniors only)



If you should find yourself in need of supplemental or enrichment assistance

in any school subject, or with Study Skills or College Essay Assistance,

I highly recommend the specialists at ColPrep Tutoring, Inc.

Katie Hart, Director                colpreptutoring@gmail.com


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