Executive Functioning Skills Coaching - I begin with a one hour Intake Meeting with the student to establish a rapport and start building the framework for Smart Success. After that Intake and my report to the student and parents, together we develop a schedule that works for all of us and allows the student to practice these new strategies leading to confidence and success. 
High School To College Plan - I begin with a 55 minute meeting with the student to discuss an individual academic path that fits the student; extra-curricular activities that matter to colleges; testing and timing      to fit the student's schedule, along with test return options; and early college planning. Then parents    return for a 35 minute review of the PLAN and further discussion of short and long term goals and PLAN implementation.   
College Question and Answer Session - I provide questions most often asked about the college process by students in all grade levels and their parents. Then  I meet with students and parents
for 75 minutes to answer questions selected from
the question list and other questions posed
during the session. This session is especially
helpful for the older/oldest child in the family
and parent(s) new to the process.   
College Major/Career Assessment - In an
Intake meeting, I develop a "picture" of the
whole student - strengths, interests, attributes, personality traits, etc. I share this Assessment with students and offer a 30 minute review after the student has researched the majors that are suggested there.  
College List Review, Match or Comprehensive Report - I can review a student's current list and provide input on balance, supplement a current college list with 3-5 additional schools, or create a Comprehensive College Report for students who want a full college list.
Summer Programs/Enrichment Opportunities
Search- After gathering extensive information from the student and family, I research highly rated summer programs and/or enrichment opportunities that fit the student's goals for his or her growth and development. I am also available to work with students on any necessary applications and essays. 
Scholarship Search- After gathering extensive information from the student and family, I locate scholarships that align with the specific student's information and qualifications. I provide   a set number of scholarships, and additional scholarships can be requested. I am also available to work with students on scholarship applications and essays. 

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