1. Failing to turn in an assignment for various reasons (forgot to write it down, wrote it down but forget to 

    complete it, lost it, thought they turned it in)

2. Earning a poor grade on a quiz or test even after they studied (or thought they studied)

3. Losing their planner, a notebook, or other needed item, or forgetting to bring items from home to school

4. Struggling to get started on tasks

5. Underestimating the time it will take to complete a task

6. Losing focus easily

7. Giving up or shutting down when feeling overwhelmed

8. Believing they are not "smart" and/or and speaking of themselves in a critical or defeating manner

New! Executive Functioning Skills Coaching

There is a major difference between "being smart" and "working smart." That might seem strange, but here's the truth: Many students have the potential to do very well, but get in their own way because they have not been taught "smart" skills. These students might find themselves...

If you look at these skills closely, we can see that these challenges are not measuring anything about

a child's potential. They are alerting us that some crucial skills are missing. These are 

Executive Functioning Skills, and they are necessary for success in high school, college, and career.

Students who strengthen their EF Skills earn higher grades, develop intrinsic motivation,

and discover how smart they really are!

I am happy to schedule an EF Skills Intake with your high school student at any time and provide more information on my interactive, team approach.

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